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Monday, March 01, 2004

Interesting Spam: Request for investing cash stash

This is what I got in my spam box: I wish Mr Alhmed Asan very good luck in getting the money from the security company and finding the right investor!
My Dear,

I am Mr.Alhmed Asan from Sudan.I am 25 years old and presently residing in Dakar-Senegal because of the political crisis in my Country. I got your contact in strict confidence through Senegal Chamber of Commerce.
I would Honestly want to seek for an immediate assistance from you, I have $16Million US dollars belonging to my late Father Mr .Conel.A.Asan who was held bondage by the Rebels during the crisis and was letter killed.

I ran to Senegal refugee Camp when I Discovered danger to my life untill the death of my beloved father he paked the above mentioned Amount in a METAL TRUNK BOX and deposdit it with a SECURITY COMPANY in Europe for safe keeping i have every Documents regards the transaction I have contacted the SECURITY COMPANY and confirmed the safety of the money/inheritance,

As it is, I have the intention of investing the money oversees and however needed a Foreigner who is capable of giving adequate assistance to me by the way of clearing the money from the SECURITY COMPANY and thereafter forwarding it to your Account for investments.
I have nice percentage of the money for you. If Necessary, Please do feel free to ask me questions on this as I wait for your reply soonest.

Salnu Suru.