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Friday, May 11, 2007

Online Backup software

Idea:Online Backup service DataDeposit and a book by David B Little)
Execution: With DataDeposit it is much easier to implement suggestions made in the book Implementing Backup and Recovery: The Readiness Guide for the Enterprise (Paperback) And it is a good deal at $2/GB month.
Here is an overview from the site
Online Backup Features
Easy to Set Up

* Register online for our secure online backup system
* Installation is easy and takes less than 5 minutes
* Backups are instant and will never interrupt your work

Extremely Secure

* Bank grade encryption protects your data
* All data is encrypted before it leaves your PC
* Only you have the key to access your web storage data

Affordable Price

* With our online file backup system you can store as little or as much as you need for just $2 per GB per month.

Ideal for Small Business

* Backup as many computers as you like with our web backup system!

Fast Recovery

* Restore lost files from your secure online file backup system in a matter of seconds.

Web File Sharing

* Share files or entire folders with others by emailing password protected links.

System Requirements

* This web storage system runs well on any Windows PC with an Internet connection.

Profit: Data is more valueble than money. A backup can save a lot of angst!

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