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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Advantages of Blogging

Idea:Five Advantages of Blogging
Execution:When I talk to students I tell them these five benefits:
1)Blog can improve your communication skills: By blogging your clarity of thought improves. Reinforced by written communication, the overall communication skills improve.
2) Blog is great way to keep your network of family and friends posted: Only if you keep them posted they will be able to add value to the relationship. Cluttering them with email is a bad idea. Inbox overflow is a major problem for many people.
3) Blog can be a good way to increase your network of family and friends: What you write about may not be relevant for your family and friends. But your writing gets found by people who are interested in it. They start interacting with you and becomes part of your network. Serendipity works!
The above three are personal benefits. Here are the biz benefits.
4) Blog can be a wonderful marketing tool. Many people simply google anything and everything. If they find you in google, your ideas have reached them before you. That is marketing. Google, 'paper file tracking' and reach me! Enough said.
5) Blog can be a good sales tool. If you are into selling low value item where people trust that it will be shipped. You can sell off your blog itself. Blog +paypal will just do wonders.

As an added bonus blogs by itself can make money. You can feature ads( like google ads) and make money off your blog. There are people like Amit Agarwal( that pay highest tax bracket due to earnings from single blog.

Nuf blog sermon.

Profit: Make money with blog. Make money because of blog.

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