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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cædras iPhone Native Application Developer Course

Yet another unsolicited email, yet intersting enough to blog about it:

Thank you for your interest in the first ever Cædras iPhone Native Application Developer (iNAD) course offered in Bangalore. We are truly excited to offer this world-class learning experience to seasoned IT professionals, such as yourself, looking to broaden their horizons beyond the humdrum of current technologies and platforms. We hope by the end of this message, you'll share in our excitement around iPhone native application development.

The Cædras iNAD experience

The Cædras iNAD course is a two-day immersive safari into the exciting world of iPhone application development. First, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of the iPhone architecture and terminology to quickly gain access to the exclusive club of iPhone developers around the world. We want to emphasize here that this course is not about Web Apps, a somewhat limited method of bringing regular Web applications to the iPhone. This course is actually, as the name would suggest, all about developing native applications using Objective C, an objected-oriented language similar to SmallTalk. We have carefully designed the course in such a way that you will get full advantage no matter if you have a C, C++, C#, Java or Visual Basic background.

Next, you will witness first hand how to setup the environment for developing native applications for the iPhone. We feel this is the most exciting part where you begin to understand how to unlock the potential of the Apple iPhone OS platform. You will appreciate the various user interface elements and techniques unique to the iPhone platform using a complete example application - cradle to cradle. But, we don't stop there!

We continue the journey by looking at an application that Caedras Software is developing for the market. We didn't think we could do justice by sharing with you trivial examples and snippets of code. You will not only learn about advanced techniques to build truly innovative applications but also appreciate how to successfully transform your ideas into market-ready applications that millions of iPhone users would line up to buy.

At Cædras Software, we believe in bringing extreme value to our customers. We, therefore, are offering the Cædras iNad course at an unbelievably low fee of only Rs. 10,000/-. The course fee includes exclusive benefits such as:

- iPhone Open Application Development: Write Native Objective-C Applications for the iPhone by Jonathan Zdziarski (a Rs. 1750 value)
- Cædras iNAD Essentials DVD (filled with all the tools you need to start development right out-of-the-box)
- Subscription to the Cædras iNAD newsletter

You will also be treated to a sumptuous outdoor lunch buffet and snacks on both days of the course. Don't forget when you signup for the course before May 1, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for an iPhone (a Rs. 25,000/- value), which will be presented to one lucky Cædras iNAD course graduate on May 18th. We would like it to be you! Don't forget to ask us about our early bird special.

We want to help you make an informed decision. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

We hope to see you soon.

Cædras iNAD in a nutshell

Date: May 17th & May 18th
Venue: 1st Stage BTM Layout, 20th Main Road,
100 Ft Ring Road, Near Friends Restaurant,
Outline: Session 1
Understanding the iPhone lingo
Unboxing the iPhone
Understanding the iNAD environment setup
Introducing Objective C
Touch interface basics
Exploring Cocoa fundamentals
UIKit - a deep dive
Session 2
Advanced graphics and other multimedia control
Next generation UI design
Dissecting the Cædras Remote Control
Taking your idea to the market


Arun Ramasamy

Cædras Software
Cædras Software

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