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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Scooble's Idea: What is the proof of the Pudding

There is an interesting post by Rob Scoble on how to shutdown mini-microsoft
Now let me illustrate the concpet of this blog with Rob's idea
Idea: Rejuvinate Microsoft with new challenges. Or actually test the market waters for the new bold direction.
Execution: Rob went on a blogging holiday for a week. For people used to the feeds it would have created withdrawl symptoms. And then bang, come out with a bold initiative for microsoft to rejuvinate. Now you got the attention of the market waiting for something anything.
Profit: The response to the ideas and suggestions from internal and external will be carefully analyzed and new course taken. Everyone is tentatively happy. Conversation has started - as salwarts in Blogosphere will put it - a snowball is rolled downhill.

On the second look. This concept of idea, execution, profit is in a muddle within me. I will contemplate on it and give a clearer picture as we go. Meanwhile get your comments pouring in.


Update: Civilizations controled water flow along the river and thrived. Like that businesses that have an handle over the information flow will be able to thrive in the future. Giving away one Terra byte of free storage is a very good way to control the information flow at its source. Good idea Scoble!

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