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Monday, June 19, 2006

XOXO for Riya Filter Templates?

Riya Filters
, way to search pictures
. Munjal of is involving the community to revamp the home page design. It is in the larger context of making Riya to be a visual search company rather than just face recognition joint. I have outlined an idea for one way of doing it. Here are some more implementation details to add to it.

Use standardized formats to create Riya Filters. This will go a long way in internally generating the templates and also generation of templates by the ever active Riya user community. Without giving much thought, I'm mulling XOXO as a possible candidate. These templates will be named well and will be searchable/discoverable easily. The quality of the search output will be a direct function of the content in the filter. Which is the incentive for the community to create it and possibly self promote themselves. Which will lead to new revenue models too.

We are shifting gear from text, form submission so characteristic of Web1.0 to structured content submission. This will create some chaos in the beginning, but eventually lead to new innovation opportunities. Widespread adoption of microformats, more microformats will be a side effect. (PS: Am I missing the whole MicroFormat concept all together here? )

Followup: I have submitted a more general version of this idea to to Cambrian House: Content Membrane: Mashable Content Search Filters Cambrain uses Wisdom of Crowd and the power of Lisp/ Lisp like language to deliver software projects rapidly. A very interesting site, business model, technical platform etc. Worth watching.

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