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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Robots that trade game score and game artifacts

Idea: There is an interesting contest run by Microsoft called MSN® Messenger and Windows Live™ Messenger Invasion of Robots The cool prizes worth $40,000 are to be won. Here is a small idea for contest entry robot:
There are many multi player game sites all over the net. Many of them like BlogShares allow players to gift/transfer game artifacts to other players. The idea is to establish an exchange/trading floor for such game scores/artifacts to be bartered. And make a MSN messenger BOT do automatic trading for the busy user based on user specified criteria!
Execution: ??? There is a lot of prior art in terms of Real Money Trading, but what we are doing here is Barter
Profit: This trading site will attract immense traffic from all kinds of users - an obvious profit is to generate ad revenue. Giving users more time and mobility across many games enhances fun! In due course this will overtake the Chicago commodity exchange!

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