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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cash in conquering the plenty through likeness search

Idea: Likeness Engine Optimization/Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing are beaten to death. SEO/SEM is passe! Welcome to Likeness search engine( like , I liiiKkkee it :) ) optimization. It might as well be the cash machine for this Christmas shopping season. The folks at Riya have really figured out a nail for their visual search hammer. It is uber cool and it spells cash, cash and more cash for riya all the way. If riya1.0 lacked stickiness beyond techcrunch, Riya2.0( aka is full of glue for the target audience( it is all about women!). And multiple revenue streams for Riya of course.

Social networks have brought in a sea change in the search landscape( as in, Riya1.0 with face recognition was inherently social network driven. The social network aspect is aparently missing in, but that is just the present day. When women flock a site, men will too and the social potential will finds its own level.

Execution: The likeness search, with all its might indeed conquers the plenty in an interesting way. Yet the 'plenty' is not fully conquered, and there is a lot of scope for recommendations( read social netowrks) to be incorporated in the search. I was suggesting some form of outline based search will be a good idea. Now I guess it will be much much earsier than that. A set of 'meta product images'( similar to the celebrity selection box features in that will serve as a good starting points for product seraches will be welcome by searchers.

Profit: Search is moving beyond text. And visual search for products( like the is the new frontier with demonstrated revenue potential. There is lot of cash to be made in Likeness search engine optimization. Spruce up your photoshop skills. Get to know what is an alpha channel. Plain old ecommerce is becoming very very interesting indeed!


  1. Labsji,

    I never thought about the fact that where women go men will follow...;-)

    Thanks for writing about us.

    Munjal Shah
    CEO Riya (

  2. Munjal,
    Duh, it is strange but true! LOL
    Jokes apart, I'm looking forward for the Upload feature and the Likeness mashup API release. ( There is going to be an API release right? Give geeks an opportunity to really understand women(Please!): that will be a real watershed in the history of computing!)
    Just a thought off my head, Likeness API can add a lot of color and action in the Wedding season 2007. Likeness and Collection( as in wedding dress and all other things that go with it) is one hot path to explore.

    Best wishes and Godspeed all the way to IPO and beyond!

    -Balaji S.