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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Better Retirement Plan = Better Productivity?

Idea: Better Retirement Planning for Employees using a professional Specialist
Execution:Today I came across a unique service company called Retirment Capital Group. They offer executive compensation seminars in the changing dynamic world of retirment planning. Retirement is a constant nag in every employees back of the mind. If this constant nag can be addressed effectively, it gives peace of mind to the employees and productivity for the employer. Defined contribution, and custom design of plans are hot areas that can differentiate an employer and improve their chances of retaining talent. The Retirment Capital Group's offereing and Knowldege Centre are worth checking out!
Profit: Retirement worry taken out of the employee's mind => better productivity!

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  1. I am affiliated with a friend in a business known as "RetIRA Group". My friend and I and a couple of other guys have put together a "business to business" idea that is something companys may want to get involved with. It is an entirely new idea for wholesalers and distributers. Basically it is a process of providing IRAs for customers and/or their employees by passing along off-invoice allowances and special terms and discounts that they are now providing, but in a different way. The owners of smaller businesses, more often than not, are not able to provide an IRA for their employees or often, even for themselves. Our business will help them do that, thus enabling them to attract and keep better employees and to enable them to build sales through a program that their competition would not be able to provide, all at very little or no cost.

    A descriptive web site at will give much more detail and further explanation than I am able to provide here. If a company is looking for an edge to build sales and retain customers I am sure they will want to explore this opportunity.