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Saturday, May 06, 2006

IXP: Amazon Shorts

Obviously I am impressed by Amazon Shorts.
Idea: Make (short)electronic books available for throwaway price.
Execution: Use the word of mouth power of Amazon Review infrastructure, the payment infrastructure and the amazon shopping experience to make the short and sweet content available. In addition to download, it is availalbe at the digital vault of your amazon account.
Profit: More and more people have less and less time. And they want it online - and want to consume it on the go. Amazon wants to create a iTunes like economy for short digital content.

Now how do you sell your content to be listed in Amazon shorts?
Here the plot becomes thicker. You need to be an author who is already listed and selling at Then you can submit your shorts. It will be reviewed by the Amazon publishing team and will get listed in weeks. It has to be exclusive listing with Amazon at least for 6 months.

The idea execution profit format is taking shape every post. Put up with me till I get my hang of it.

PS: Here is an Idea to get started on the shorts in India. There is enough longtail economy to sustain it.

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