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Saturday, May 06, 2006

IXP Bicycle as Urban transport

Idea:Bicycle as Urban transport and Unifier
Execution: Create a network of urban self help groups. Give them loans to buy and rent the hi-tech bicycles.
Slowly graduate the bicycles to electric scooters. In the urban areas when bicycles are available for rent at every place hassele free, no one will be lacking mobility.
Profit: Sense of belonging ownership to the commons of the road. Cleaner greener roads. Excirce for everyone - healthier urban life. Transprot infrastructure that does not need huge investment and long periods of uncertainity.

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  1. Health Wealth and Wisdom as evident from

    The second thing that struck Crowninshield was the way Europe seeks out ways other than alternative fuels to reduce petroleum consumption. For example, she was impressed by an innovative bike-share program implemented in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The city set up a system of quality bicycle lanes and sprinkled bike-rental stations throughout the metro area. Users subscribe to the service and receive a code they use to check out and return rental bikes. The bikes can be used throughout the city and returned to any station. The code makes the person responsible for the bicycle and virtually eliminates theft.

    "The bike-share program is the perfect promotion of health and fitness, while showing consumers that they don't have to rely on petroleum to get to and from work and play," Crowninshield says. "The program offers the city three benefits: It reduces emissions, displaces petroleum, and removes vehicles from the crowded streets."