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Saturday, May 06, 2006

IXP: Demat Art, craft, antiques make it available in Amazon like platform

Idea: If art and craft can be demat it will be possible to buy and sell it in fraction.
Execution: Just like commodities can be demat and traded electronically, art, craft and antiques can be demat and traded electronically. The inventory holder will have to be part of a certified network - just like certified warehouse exist for commodities. Private museuems and art gallaries are perfect candidates for participation. Onec a piece of art is demat, it will be listed in a Amazon like platform. Infact amazon platform itself can be used to list, trade the demat art forms. Only addition is it must be possible to own, buy, sell fractional ownership of the art and artifacts. The long tail dynamics of artists, critics, art buyers, valuers, inventment portfolio managers and market forces will take care of sustaining the market.
Profit: Better market linking of art. Making it easy for artists to make their art available to their audience. Art as an investment and art for art sake are not in conflict but works in tandem.


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