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Saturday, May 06, 2006

IXP on Jawwad's Book Blue Screen of Death

Idea: Blue Screen of Death - by Jawwad; A book on what not to do on road to success in the startup path.
Execution: Leave a good career based on Ivy League MBA. Chase your startup dream. Secure venture funding, and revise your business plan several times. Fail slowly and steadily. Repeat it for couple of more ventures. Burn 3/4 of a million in the process. Return back home. Startup on a shoe string. And succeed on the learings and wisdom. And then write a book and failure. Sprinkle with humour and wit. Promote it over the Interent. Use the windows metaphor so that it becomes easy for people to relate. It will not hurt the SEO efforts too. Price is a whooping $15.77; Wait for the wannabe to pay up. They are saving themself a lot of trouble and other people's money risk.
Profit: Wisdom for the wannabe. At least as a hindsight people will be able to relate and quickly recover from the blue screen of death. Reboot and get rid of blue screen of death all together just like how microsoft did.

Update: Now the book is available for downloand/distribution under creative commons license.
Thanks Jawwad for the quick response!

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