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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

IXP on GapingVoid of Hugh McLeod

Idea: Reject Main stream media and marketing; Set the new marketing trend by inventing one using blog power.
Execution: Hugh did not sell his cartooning creativity to publishers or copywiring agencies. He simply used his creativity to find a new niche - cartoons drawn on back of business cards. He blogged for several years. Then he partnered with English Cut and mad it into a Global Microbrand. He wrote his model as Hughtrain motivated by Cluetrain manifesto. Now he is targetting geeks be it Wine from South Africa or Yatch. Execution in one line is: Be on top of the heap by creating the heap. Central to his method is 'Indirectness'. So he put his creative work under creative commons license. So that there it becomes more widespread. And removes any 'firction' for his fans to relate to it.
Profit: Biggest profit to Hugh is he is happy to explore Freedom at his terms. On the side: He gets a cut in the wines sold by him, yatches, and the SAP killers sold. Technology is empowering individuals in a major way: he a good case and a leading light on how things are going to be in the future. His Global Microbrand is there for anyone interested to emmulate.

Update: Now I see that Hugh's site headline is Make Money Online with gapingvoid blog tips. Did you know that there is a service called PLR Pro that write (adsense) targetted articles and supplies to you for a throwaway fee. The idea is simple: eliminate the middle men! Make SOE tuned content and make it human compatiable too!

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